I’m a New Yorker and know well the dangers of getting caught in the tourist trap. I see it all the time (aka Time Square). When I travel I like to seek out the locals. I travel solo and in groups. I want to experience a place not just see it. That usually means getting far away from the well beaten path and finding myself in a coffee shop, restaurant, bar, back road, back alley, or entire town where I am the only non-local. You can really experience a place when you sip, shop, and sleep like the locals. I don’t feel like I understand a place until I have drinks at a bar or pub that is a regular place for many. Sometimes finding the right spots can be difficult. Getting advice from those who have been before and found the right places to go has always helped me the most. This blog is my curated picks of where to sleep, eat, drink, shop, and visit to get off the tourist bus and get a local experience. Feel free to leave comments if you have additional ideas.


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